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Beekeeping in Dreib Region

Beekeeping in Dreib Region

In the last decade, the Dreib region has faced great economic challenges resulting from unemployment, the Syrian Crisis and lately the nationwide financial crisis. Income generating activities, to develop the market dynamics were among the most urgent needs of the local communities, and their vulnerable members in this region.

MASAR programme did address those needs, by collaboration with the local governments, cooperatives and experts on local economic development (LED) by implementing this current Beekeeping project which included 2 steps:

The project included 2 steps: capacity building and in-kind assistance.

The Activities

Between May and August 2022, beginner beekeepers received an intense theoretical and practical training in beekeeping techniques, bee health and diseases, and bee queens breeding, with 42 graduates

Then 20 excelling trainees received each 1 beekeeping kit, consisting of 3 hives with bees, protective suits and beekeeping tools.

Another 3 days training in basic beekeeping was organized in Chadra village as well, with 50 participants. While also in September another training for beekeeping cooperatives is delivered.

More Training Covering Entrepreneurship and Investments

As the first stage of Entrepreneurship and Investments activities a training of trainers has been delivered to 27 teachers of Agricultural Centres operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture. The training has been organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The second stage involved young entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector wishing to start a business in the sector. A competition for the best business idea, called FICRA, was announced in the three areas of intervention. 34 ideas were selected for further development. Their authors were invited to training focused on business and entrepreneurship delivered in cooperation with the agricultural centres.

Following the training, participants entered the coaching phase (currently ongoing) during which they are working on business plans.

Towards Project Sustainability

All of those training will ensure the beekeeping profession to be passed on to future generations especially that the trainees are focused towards optimization of honey production and gaining better knowledge to produce high-end bee products, which has a well-established need in the Lebanese market, shedding the light on theimportance of entrepreneurship and investment skills in the agricultural sector.

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