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Funded by the EU through the European Trust Fund "Madad", MASAR programme supports subgovernment’s capacities, host populations and refugees in response to the Syrian crisis. The project is implemented in the Iraqi regions of Ninewah and Dohuk and in Lebanon, specifically in Akkar, Baalbek-Hermel and Tripoli. It focuses on municipal strategic planning, improvement of public services  and local economic development.

MASAR for Local Governments consists of two relatively autonomous programmes in both Lebanon and Iraq.

In Lebanon

The areas most heavily affected by the Syrian refugee crisis were Akkar, Baalbek-Hermel and north of Tripoli.

In Iraq

The Iraqi regions of Ninewah plain and Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region were also heavily affected the Syrian refugees’ crisis.

Pathway to success

How it started

During the war in Syria, more than 5.6 millions of Syrians citizens were displaced and were in need of humanitarian protection and assistance, while the Syrian crisis also deeply affected the surrounding countries. The MASAR programme, funded by the European Union, was created to answer this need by enhancing the long-term resilience of municipalities in Iraq and Lebanon to bear the burden of Syrian displacement in both countries.

What happened next

The overall programme was divided to different themes and projects to fulfill 3 Strategic Objectives, under which many activities were executed by 4 partners: The International Cooperation Agency Of The Association of Netherlands Municipalities VNG International, The Polish Center For International Aid PCPM, The Catalan Agency For Development Cooperation ACCD and KL Komponent.

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