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MASAR Programme

Funded by the European Union through the European Trust Fund "Madad", MASAR supports sub-government’s capacities, host populations and refugees in response to the Syrian crisis. The project is implemented in the Iraqi regions of Ninawa and Dohuk and in Lebanon, specifically in Akkar, Baalbek-Hermel and Tripoli. It focuses on municipal strategic planning, improvement of public services  and local economic development.

More about MASAR

Tourism promotion activities conducted under MASAR aimed at ensuring inclusion of local communities and raising their awareness while facilitating local economic development of Dreib area.

Activities of MASAR fall into the following thematic areas

Land Use & Infrastructure Planning

A process that analyses public sectors and living conditions of population to identify priorities to enhance the infrastructure and public services, aiming at an economic improvement of the local communities.

Geographic Information System

Allows the development of geographic maps, collects information related to infrastructure (buildings, roads, etc.) and produces multi-layered maps providing vital information for the local communities.

Solid Waste Management

The MASAR programme helps local governments in terms of improving Solid Waste Management, through public awareness campaigns of waste reduction, sorting at source and development of waste collection plans and procedures.

Water Infrastructure (Irrigation)

MASAR works to achieve sustainable management of water resources by building and improving infrastructure such as irrigation systems, water pipes, and supporting the operation of the public services.

Road Safety

MASAR helps Unions of Municipalities in elaborating action plans to improve road safety such as designing and implementing infrastructure mechanism (intersections, traffic lights, walking paths, awareness programs).

Preparedness & Response Planning

MASAR works with Unions of Municipalities to organize workshops, and training sessions for local communities to manage crises and disasters.


MASAR focuses on supporting sectors in regions such as agriculture and supporting the agri-food industry by analyzing the value of products and undertaking pilot projects for innovative products and technologies.


MASAR tackles as well tourism, one of the most important sectors. In cooperation with UoMs, it identified important tourist sites in the targeted regions and supports the promotion of cultural and eco-tourism.

Water & Sanitation

Availability and access to water, sanitation and hygiene was an essential need for MASAR beneficiaries and targeted geographical locations. Hence many activities under this project where initiated for this purpose.

Featured activities

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